What is the difference between a stylist and a fashion designer?

August 20, 2010 by kate  
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i want to know the difference =] and who makes more money? and also how do you become a stylist/ fashion designer at a young age? because im 11.

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5 Responses to “What is the difference between a stylist and a fashion designer?”
  1. student_girl93 says:

    A fashion designer designs and makes clothes, while a fashion stylist picks out clothes for photo shoots, picks out what clothes go on the mannequins in window displays at stores, and decide what clothes are going to be "it" for that season. I think the fashion designer would probably make more money in the long run, but a fashion stylist more be a more stable career out of the two. I hope that helps you out :)

  2. ? says:

    a fashion designer is the person who designs the clothes, who creates it or draws it.
    a stylist is a person who dresses you in clothes that go along with you.

    you can’t really become a stylist at a young age but
    a fashion designer you can,
    you can practice drawing & create your visions that you would like to see on people

  3. Richard Liu says:

    fashion designer desings cloth, a stylsit picks out cloth that will make you look good

    fashion designers probably make more money

    it’s pretty damn hard to make decent doing this money unless you are very good and well known, and since you are so young no one will really take you seriously so u should probably just study hard in school

  4. MB Nicholls says:

    A fashion designer is someone like Marc Jacobs or Betsey Johnson who actually design and help create their own clothes. They come up with designs, fabrics and have their own fashion shows. A stylist is usually just someone who helps someone else pick out an outfit. They usually have a really good fashion sense and work on photo shoots picking out really creative and trendy outfits. Celebrities usually have their own personal stylists to help dress them for press events. Fashion designers make more money if they are successful. It’s a really tough industry to break in too, very competitive and critical.
    I would suggest getting more familiar with the fashion industry, learn about fashion designers and keep tabs on all their collections. Sketch your own designs and be creative, start making your own clothes! It’s really easy now a days to make an online store and sell your own things!

  5. princess100 says:

    Difference :

    A Fashion Designer designs, that means she/he comes up with the idea of a new design, fabrics and often colors.

    A Fashion Stylist, styles. She/he have a good sense of "what’s in" color and styles and what looks good on a body and basically just help shop from what’s available.

    A lot of Fashion designers do both style and design.

    Who makes more money ?

    Most likely a Fashion designer . It all depends .

    How to become a stylist/fashion designer -

    Getting your foot in the door as a designer at such a young age will be difficult. You could do what someone else suggested and try to get a boutique to take a look at your work, but I recommend sticking with it and practicing so that you continue to improve and go to school for fashion design. They’ll teach you how to get ahead of the trends and how to market yourself. You have to remember, no matter how good you are, competition will be fierce in this industry, and most of the people you’re competing against have the skill and the training. If you want a leg up, you need to do what it takes to gain your own edge. Talent is fine, but educating yourself on how to do what you love for a living is the most important investment you can give yourself. You’re still young and have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t give up if this is truly your dream…but don’t expect life to hand it right over to you at 11 either because sometimes it takes years to get where you want to be in life. My advice to you , is to keep working on those sketches : ]

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