What does your fashion sense say about you?

August 17, 2010 by kate  
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Do you think a persons fashion sense can tell you a lot about them and their personality?
How do you dress? What does your fashion choices say about you?

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8 Responses to “What does your fashion sense say about you?”
  1. sammy=) says:

    the way you dress can say alot about your personality.for me i dress in cool/crazy skirts,capris,skinny jeans, tank tops,graphic teeshirts ,and …….vans shoes.it comes out pretty well .i can look cute without trying hard with these clothes

  2. R.L. says:

    A Pretty Boy you don’t mess with.

  3. shelly123 says:

    Well if your outfit have colors in it then that would meaan your a creative person, if your outfit was jsut a simple graphic t and jeans or shorts then it would say our jsut laid back if you have soem layers in your out fit that would say or average it jsut sort of depends sort of lie how you look at gothis people or the cool kids or the nerdy kids jsut think about then adn why they chose their clothes and why they wear them

  4. Guess Who? Really, try! says:

    It says I like being comfortable and feminine. I tend to lean towards loose shirts, patterned or graphic, with dark skinny jeans. Give me some bangles and some high tops and I’m good to go. Sure, a person’s clothes can help define them. A scene person likes to blend in. Guys that keep themselves groomed care about themselves and what others think. A chick who wears revealing stuff has low self esteem and doesn’t know how else to look appealing.

  5. Qiongyi says:

    yes,obsolutly, it can tell a lot! i always wear leisure clothes in my work time and sweet dress on me makes me look so lovely and beautiful and even elegant! i think the dress must suit yourself will be the best dress for you, and the fashion choice on you!

  6. SofiaTheCritterSitter says:

    Hi, I don’t think that a people fashion sense really explains who they are. A person could have Scene hair/makeup/clothes but they could be a fun outgoing, sweet person, or, a total pain in the butt XD You really need to get to know the person before you judge them. :) And my style varies depending on the mood i am in, when i feel cute and flirty i wear this type of clothing :
    When i am feeling just, well, normal i dress this type of clothing: http://rue21.com/rueInsiders/bay.aspx

    and when im going to school i wear this type of clothing: http://rue21.com/rueInsiders/beach.aspx

    and when on a date i wear this type of clothing :

    My fashion choices make me feel good about my self, and i like to feel fun and outgoing :)

  7. BABBBBE; says:

    prepppy rich girl.

  8. Zhang Summer says:

    suit myself….:)

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